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Since 2000, we have proven to be one of the most successful hair salons in town. Each of our hair stylists has a foundation rooted in the best education our industry has to offer. 

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Our success relies on our commitment to education, sharing our knowledge, and building long lasting relationships with our clients. Our integrity is evident in every area of our business. You will experience, from the chair to checkout, that is unparalleled. If you are suffering from hair loss, fret not. We have hair loss treatments to help you restore your crown of hair.

All services include a consultation, a relaxing shampoo and conditioning hair treatment followed by a personalized cut and style. Each experience designed for your individual hair needs.

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  • Signature Haircut $40
  • Buzz Cut $25
  • Ladies haircut $45
  • Kids Haircut $20

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  • basic beard & mustache trim $20
  • deluxe beard & mustache trim $40


  • Hot Towel Shave $30
  • Head Shave $30


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  • Men Standard coloring $45
  • Ladies Coloring $150


  • nose hair waxing $30
  • ear hair waxing $30
  • eyebrow waxing $30

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Grooming Tips For Guys

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Grooming Tips For Ladies:

Hairstyles To Make You Look Younger

Having a great hairstyle not only makes you feel fantastic but it can also shave years off you. But with trends constantly changing and new hairstyles being paraded down the catwalk every season, it can be difficult to choose the best hair cut to make you look younger. In this article, we are going to explore some of the latest trends in the world of hairstyling and look at how to choose the right hair salon to do the job.

Trending Hair Cuts

To get a more youthful appearance from a hair cut is a fine art and some styles won’t flatter you no matter how on-trend they may be. We have looked at a variety of hair cuts designed to make you look younger, and narrowed them down to our favourite five.

A shoulder-length wispy cut will flatter any face shape and give a delicate frame to add youth a vigour to the facial features. You can add layers and experiment with colours to create a look that is unique to you.

A fringe can cause your face to look more petite and is excellent at making the eyes pop. The options are endless with everything from a straight fringe to side-swept bangs and everything in between.

The bob is a versatile cut that can truly make a person look much younger. This style is chic and can be done in a variety of way. Go for a choppy bob for a little extra edge or something more clean-cut for a professional feel.

A pixie cut is great for more mature ladies who want a trendy style that is low maintenance. Once again, there are multiple ways to style a pixie cut and adding a bold colour is a great way to make the style personal to you.

The bedhead trend is massive and requires hardly any styling in the morning making it perfect for busy women. A sea salt spray will give a tousled, natural look that is reminiscent of your younger years.

Trending Hair Colours

hair coloring

Along with your swanky new hair cut, a new colour will brighten up your look and add even more of a youthful zest. Why not try one of these options:

  • Balayage has become so fashionable, it hurts! The placement of the light and shade will complement your face and make you appear much younger. You can experiment with colours here and even incorporate any grey hair to make the look more natural.
  • Black hair is the epitome of youthfulness – think of Snow White. If you’ve always had lighter hair, this may be a daring move but it will certainly be a flattering one.
  • Bold colours not only add a sense of youth but also show your personality. Why not try a bright red or a deep plum for something a little out of the ordinary?
  • Classic highlights will brighten your face and give you a glow, therefore making you appear younger. This is a style that will never go out of fashion and can be subtle or very bold depending on how you approach it.
  • Copper is a great way to flatter your skin tone and offers a range of shades so that you can find one that is just right for you.

Copper hair color

How To Choose The Right Hair Stylist And Salon

When mixing up your hair, it is important to be sure that you can trust the person making the changes for you. It pays to research hair salons and stylists before committing to one, this will give you the confidence that the stylish and salon can meet your needs. Take a look at the following tips.

  • Word of mouth is a good thing. If you know a lot of people who all recommend the same stylist or salon, this is a good way to determine their capabilities.
  • Ask the salon or stylist to show you examples of their previous work.
  • Search the internet for salons that specialise in your needs – if you are wanting to go from black to blonde, this takes a lot of work and requires a salon that has the tools and experience to do this.
  • Consider your budget, different stylists will charge different prices depending on their training, experience, products and other factors. Be realistic with what you want to spend and go for the best within your price range.

As we get older, we begin thinking about ways of maintaining a youthful appearance and a new hairstyle can go a long way in achieving this but there are certain factors to consider.

With multiple styles and colours to choose from, you want to opt for something that will be flattering and give you that younger look you’ve been dreaming of. In addition to choosing the right cut and colour, it is vital that you choose the right person for the job and following some simple rules for choosing the right stylist or hair salon in Singapore  can make a huge difference to the final result.